Why is Attorney General Eric Holder really going to Ferguson?

While parallel state and federal investigations are ongoing in Ferguson over the death of Michael Brown and its furious aftermath, the nation’s chief law enforcement official will fly to Missouri Wednesday to oversee the process.

Attorney General Eric Holder told President Obama that he was “extremely interested” in becoming personally involved in the case, according to former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Tom Dupree, interviewed Tuesday on Fox Morning News.

Dupree described the AG’s action as “extraordinarily uncommon,” albeit symbolic, designed to show the American people that this is a top priority of the president.

Asked what Holder hoped to accomplish, Dupree listed three goals: To rally the troops, to send a message and to calm the public.

Holder wants to show that the federal government is fully invested and fully committed to see that justice is done Dupree told Bill Hemmer, hence the massive commitment of resources.

He said more than 50 FBI agents were on the scene, plus forensic analysts, in addition to all the state and local officials.

Dupree noted that statements from Holder and other administration officials had intimated that they were unhappy with the direction of the current investigation, and that Holder’s involvement would ensure it proceeded “the right way.”

Why President Barack Obama’s premier stonemason, who’s walled up investigations for years into “Fast and Furious,” “Philadelphia’s Black Panthers,” “Solyndra’s $500 Million,” and “The IRS Scandal” suddenly has a burr under the saddle to personally take charge, is sure to provide rich fodder for his legion of critics.

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