See what happens when five anti-gun libs fire a gun for the first time

In a gesture of macabre humor, Buzzfeed took five young anti-gun, wet-behind-the-ears liberals to the Los Angeles Gun Club, to witness their behavior in the world of firearms.

After an orientation on basic gun use, gun safety and the Second Amendment, each novice was given an opportunity to fire a Beretta 92FS 9mm handgun – like Bruce Willis uses in Die Hard – and a pump shotgun.

Their reactions were mixed.

Abe smiled as if some mysterious macho gene arose within him and he said, “I felt kinda badass cocking the shotgun, that’s a badass gesture there, but this did not change my [anti] gun position.”

Daysha felt guilty about the experience being pleasurable, but remained firm in her political stance.

The wimpiest of the lot, Gaby, quit halfway through, saying she felt drained and “wanted to take a nap after the first shot.”

On the other hand, Allison admitted that “It’s a rush, it’s an adrenaline rush and even though it’s f***ed up and I feel confused and conflicted about it all, I would probably come back and do it again.”

Hillary, who forgot to keep the shotgun pointed downrange in her excitement, remarked after the first shot, “It smells like, uh, firecrackers, or something…Oh, gunpowder.”

God help these kids if they ever get into a hairy predicament.

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H/T: Free Beacon


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