Protesters hurl rocks at MSNBC reporter Chris Hayes’ head

The nightly ritual of marching amid high tension in Ferguson, Missouri became a danger zone for reporters Monday, when some thugs threw rocks at MSNBC reporter Chris Hayes, for reasons unexplained.

“Tell the true story!” someone shouted, but the truth has been shrouded in mystery since the Michael Brown incident first occurred.

Standing behind a fence with other onlookers and cameramen, Hayes could only repeat that “people are angry man, people are real angry.”

Later, a more civil marcher told him that police had formed a line and told protesters to disperse. When Hayes asked, “What precipitated the police action?” the respondent could only say, “Nothin’ man, nothing.”

So goes MSNBC’s in-depth reporting of the confusion reigning outside St. Louis, as Hayes’ tweets reflect.


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