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More than a dozen witnesses back up cop’s version of Ferguson shooting, police sources say

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As Attorney General Eric Holder prepares to travel to the Missouri town racked by riots over the police shooting death of a black teenager Wednesday, the “social justice” narrative that’s blamed the officer for more than a week is being upended by an angle to the story now getting national attention.

cnn0819CNN reported Monday on a phone call to a talk radio show over the weekend in which a caller claiming to be a friend of the officer tells a story that backs up police accounts that the Ferguson, Mo., shooting resulted from a struggle for the officer’s weapon started by shooting victim Michael Brown.

The caller said Brown not only tussled with the officer, causing the gun to go off, before running. When the officer with gun drawn ordered him to halt, the caller said, Brown turned and rushed the officer.

That was when the officer shot Brown six times, the caller said. The final, fatal bullet struck bullet struck Brown in the top of the head, indicating his head was down, backing up the caller’s contention that he was rushing the officer when the shooting took place.

The version is now being backed up being backed up by numerous witnesses, the Blaze reported late Monday, citing a reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

On Monday, President Obama announced Holder will be traveling to Ferguson to meet with FBI agents conducting a federal investigation into the shooting, as well as “community leaders,” according to CBS.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reported on Monday that toxicology results from Brown’s body by  the St. Louis County medical examiner showed Brown had marijuana in his system at the time of his death.

Check out the CNN report here, via the Blaze.



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