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Megyn Kelly: Shame on liberal media for stoking ‘lynch mob mentality’

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly and veteran media critic Howard Kurtz on Monday teamed up to slam liberal media outlets and the bombastic Al Sharpton for stoking a “lynch mob mentality” in the police shooting of a Missouri man.

collagemegynkellyalsharpton0819Kurtz in particular cited the liberal website Huffington Post for posting what he called a “screaming banner headline” demanding that Ferguson, Mo., police Officer Darren Wilson be arrested for the shooting of Michael Brown.

“I just think when you cross that line into becoming an advocate and demanding somebody be prosecuted before the facts are in, while the investigation’s going on, you’re grandstanding, you’re trying to keep the story alive and I really think it’s troubling,” Kurtz said.

The Huffington Post headline might have been extreme, but it wasn’t all that unusual in the coverage since the Aug. 9 shooting and subsequent protests. An Aug. 14 New York Times article, “Ferguson images evoke civil rights era and changing visual perceptions,” for instance, explicitly compared photographs taken in Ferguson with some of the most famous images of the civil rights movement.

While the article was supposed to be a comparison of how images played, the overall impression was clear: the Ferguson rioters looting Walmarts and liquor stores and burning convenience shops in 2014 have the inherited moral authority of Martin Luther King Jr.  and protesters facing down police dogs in 1964.

Actually, all they have is a shyster named Sharpton.

Kelly didn’t bother to conceal her contempt for the street agitator who first gained national attention with the Tawana Brawley rape hoax in the late 1980s and is now a “respected” television host on MSNBC. Sharpton is in Ferguson, of course, “pouring fuel on this fire,” Kelly said.

“He’s never seen something so offensive and insulting as the police chief releasing this tape of the young man,” she said. “Al Sharpton? Al Sharpton has never seen something so offensive and insulting as that? How about the fake rape allegations we dealt with back in the day?”

Kurtz agreed, in a miracle of understatement.

“He is a man with a troubled history,” he said.

Check out the Kelly-Kurtz interview here.



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