Irrational Jake Tapper loses it, launches into anti-police rant in Ferguson

CNN’s Jake Tapper went into a tirade late Monday as he covered the third consecutive night of the standoff between police and protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

His disgusted rant placed the blame for the chaos squarely on the police for showing such a forceful presence in the riot-racked town. Tapper instructed his camera crew to take shots of both the protesters, who at the time were acting peacefully, and the heavily armed officers, who, by the way, were also standing there peacefully. Tapper clearly took sides:

“Now I want you to look at what is going on in Ferguson, Missouri — in downtown America, OK?” he said. “These are armed police, with semi-automatic rifles, with batons, with shields, many of them dressed for combat.

“Now why they’re doing this? I don’t know. Because there is no threat going on here. None that merits this. There is none, OK? Absolutely there have been looters. Absolutely, over the last nine days there’s been violence. But there is nothing going on on this street right now that merits this scene out of Bagram. Nothing.

“So if people wonder why the people of Ferguson, Missouri, are so upset, this is part of the reason. What is this? This doesn’t make any sense.”

It wasn’t long after his stinging criticism that the “peaceful” protesters started throwing stun grenades close by, according to CNN footage from early Tuesday morning.

Video via CNN:

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113 thoughts on “Irrational Jake Tapper loses it, launches into anti-police rant in Ferguson

  1. Ryan HunidgrandBeatz Woodard says:

    since everyone wants to do a challenge i propose a challenge of my own…the Ferguson challenge …i challenge all of you judgemental fat internet punks to come to w.florrisant and canfield and voice your facts and opinions there…but you all are cowards and punks believe that!..

  2. Bob A says:

    Those protestors were peaceful because the show of force. Nine days of violent looting and arson mean nothing to these liberal pigs. Someone needs to reason with this guy with a baseball bat.

  3. gavinwca says:

    The police according to Tapper should carry their riot gear in their pockets and only pull it out when the troglodytes start throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails,

  4. goeasy0 says:

    Tapper must be a fan of the Ironman movies, figures police can turn on personal protection at a moments notice.

  5. emiliani says:

    Funny, Jake, those well-armed police and State Guardsmen haven’t been able to keep the looters, rioters, and agitators under control. Seems everyone knows that the overwhelming force is in appearance only. Any allegations that those well-armed police/guardsmen are blasting away the riotous crowd? No? Well, never let a good narrative go to waste, right Jake?

  6. Tessa Yaeger says:

    The origin of the 2nd Amendment is Right 13 of George Mason’s Declaration of Rights.

  7. Arden Hale says:

    So, the protesters should be allowed to engage in criminal violence that threatens the safety of everyone but we shouldn’t act as though they are committing those acts of violence. The government of Missouri has actually shown great restraint thus far. But we’re going to have safe streets, whether you like it or not libbies.

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