Dash-cam captures incredible rescue: Trucker pulls woman, baby from fiery car just in time

infernoA good Samaritan saw a dangerous inferno and rushed right towards it last week.

A Mississippi woman and her 1-year-old were rescued from a fiery explosion by a truck driver who happened on the scene — and caught it all on his dashboard camera.

A YouTube video shows so-called “highway hero” David Fredericksen, wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt, grabbing a fire extinguisher from his truck, then jogging to the center of the blaze on the freeway near Biloxi.

Fredericksen and his passenger spent two minutes pulling the trapped accident victims from their Lincoln Town Car and tending to them before emergency personnel arrived, according to ABC news.

The doors of their Lincoln were jammed shut, and the driver was kicking at the door but could not get out, Fredericksen told the network. Using the fire extinguisher, Fredericksen was able to calm the flames, giving him just enough time to open the doors and pull the woman and child from the vehicle before it burst into a fiery ball.

The 51-year -old driver and her grandchild suffered just minor injuries, according to local news WLOX.

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Amanda Shea


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