Democrat candidate for Congress hurls ugly obscenities, admits to past drug use

An ex-boxer who is running for the U.S. Congress against incumbent Fla. Democrat Alcee Hastings has found himself in an embarrassing situation.

Jameel McCline, 44, candidate for the seat which runs from Fort Lauderdale to western Palm Beach County was caught on video in a confrontation with Leonard Moore, 19, his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, according to Gossip Extra.

Police were called to diffuse the situation when Moore and his mother went to McCline’s residence to retrieve personal items left behind when Moore moved out. McCline let the teenager live with him for a month while he “mentored” him, Gossip Extra reported.

McCline can be heard in the video calling Moore disrespectful and a “faggot,” as well as calling Moore’s mother a “drunk” and a “retard” – not exactly language you would expect from a congressional candidate.

“You’re a nobody!” McCline said to Moore, prompting a response from Moore’s mother.

“And you’re a powder head!” she said.

McCline didn’t miss a beat with his response.

“Oh yeah, I haven’t done drugs in years!” he said.

McCline admitted to pushing Moore in an altercation the previous day, according to Gossip Extra.

“Dude, I pushed you,” the former boxer said. “What? You can’t take a push? . . . So what, punk? So what, you faggot?”

The two candidates who will face-off in the Democratic primary have quite the checkered past. McCline is a retired heavyweight boxer who spent five years in jail for gun running, while Hastings was a former judge who was impeached and removed by the U.S. Senate for taking bribes.

Watch the video of the confrontation here via Gossip Extra. Warning: Explicit language.

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