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Deadbeat dad back from the dead; government slaps daughters with a bill

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Death might be temporary – but taxes never go away.

deadguy0818An Ohio deadbeat dad who disappeared long enough to be considered dead by both his family and the law has reappeared after 25 years – and the government wants its money back for raising his kids, with interest.

The now adult daughters of Donald Miller, formerly of Arcadia, Ohio, have been served with a bill of more than $47,000 by the Social Security Administration that went to pay for their upkeep after their father was declared dead in 1994, according to the Associated Press.

He reappeared about 11 years later, to little apparent fanfare, but now, nearly 35 years later, the government wants its money back.

Robin Miller, the formerly dead man’s “widow” (she married another guy named Miller), had her husband declared no longer among the living in large part to be able to collect survivors benefits for her daughters.

She said she doesn’t think the girls should be on the hook for the money.

“If anybody has to pay this back, it should be him because we didn’t do anything wrong,” she said.

“We honestly thought he was done, dead, gone and out of our live.”

Donald Miller could not be reached for comment, AP reported.

Fitting, somehow.


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