Ben Carson challenges Al Sharpton to a public debate

Dr. Ben Carson told Fox News viewers Monday he is willing to debate Al Sharpton any time about the future of the black community in America.

In an interview with anchor Martha McCallum about the past week of racial violence in Ferguson, Mo., Carson said he’d challenged Sharpton to a debate a few months ago and reminded him Monday that the offer is still good.

As a rising national leader, Carson also shared advice on calming the situation in Ferguson and racial animosity throughout the country.

The experience could be used for the positive if it opens up a dialogue, he told  MacCallum.

McCallum asked if Sharpton was making things better or worse.

I had an opportunity to speak with Reverend Sharpton a couple months ago at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and said, ‘we want the same kinds of things but we have very different approaches to achieving them. What do you think about a public debate to talk about the various ways that we can get this done?’

“He was initially enthusiastic, ” Carson said, and “the offer still stands.”

Sharpton’s spokeswoman told Mediaite that Carson has been invited onto his MSNBC program in the past and Carson has declined. She said Sharpton’s offer is “an open invitation” to Carson.

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29 thoughts on “Ben Carson challenges Al Sharpton to a public debate

  1. John Cattani says:

    Sharpton would end up tongue-tied and toothless in a debate with a sane person like Ben Carson. Dr. Carson would destroy Sharpton in a debate.

  2. Bryan Lucas says:

    More blacks need to listen to Carson and tune out Sharpton. Trade ignorance for intelligence and reason. Obama, Sharpton, and JackSon are racists.

  3. tmf354 says:

    Sharpton would eat this guy up and spit him out like bad chewing tobacco.

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