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Pelosi’s amnesty-for-aliens push has weak Senate Dems terrified

Nancy Pelosi Photo Credit:  westernjournalism.com
Nancy Pelosi
Photo Credit: westernjournalism.com

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The Democratic Party is sending its base decidedly mixed messages, with senators scampering for their electoral lives getting ambushed by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s call for “the broadest possible executive amnesty.”

Senators Kay Hagan of North Carolina and Mark Pryor of Arkansas, both from conservative-leaning states, have recoiled from the thought of President Obama extending amnesty to as many as 5 million illegal aliens in the United States with the stroke of his pen.

However, never one to miss an opportunity to pander to Hispanic voters, San Francisco fruitcake Pelosi said on Tuesday in an interview with La Raza cat’s paw Univision radio that she wanted Obama to legalize the illegals and their familias, too.

In jarring syntax, she was quoted by Fusion’s Jordan Fabian as saying, “It would be my hope that the president’s lawyers would advise him on the broadest possible prosecutorial discretion, that would include actions to say that it would extend to DACA for a period, a longer period of time, that it would extend DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) to the parents of DREAMers, that it would also extend protection to the parents of U.S. citizens, parents who are not, shall we say, fully documented, of U.S. citizens,” Breitbart News reported.

Moreover, she wanted Obama to “roll back some of the discretion in Secure Committees,” so that “only those involved in serious crimes or organized crime should be deported.”

Compare that blatant disregard for Article I of the Constitution — on the off-chance that Pelosi’s ever encountered it — with Hagan’s contention that “this is an issue that I believe should be addressed legislatively and not through executive order.” Pryor, meanwhile, told voters that he too is “frustrated with the partisanship in Washington. But that does not give the president carte blanche authority to sidestep Congress when he doesn’t get his way,” according to Fox News.

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A coalition of pro-legalization groups sent a letter to congressional Democrats on Friday warning them not to procrastinate until after Election Day to act. They wrote, according to Fox News, that any delay would “be viewed as a betrayal of Latino and immigrant communities with serious and lasting consequences.”

If Obama follows Pelosi’s advice, there could be pretty “serious and lasting consequences” for Hagan and Pryor come November.


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