Ferguson protesters captured on video chanting for officer’s death

Authorities may find that it will be hard to deliver “justice” in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown when some view justice as being a dead police officer.

A video taken Saturday evening in Ferguson, Mo., just before a newly imposed curfew went into effect for the first time — it was ignored — showed a group of protesters chanting:

What do we want?

Darren Wilson!

How do we want him?


Police identified Darren Wilson as the officer who fatally shot Brown. According to Gateway Pundit, the man leading the chant in the video is a member of the New Black Panthers.

In addition to the calls for the officer’s death, there are reports that the media on the ground in Ferguson are increasingly becoming targets.

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In an article published Saturday, Politico reported that “print, video and photo-journalists were all repeatedly and aggressively threatened and harassed when attempting to photograph or videotape any of the looting or property destruction.”

As the “What do we want” video made the rounds on social media, Twitter users were quick to offer their thoughts:

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