Priceless reaction when Perino loses her cool at Beckel, has to be censored on live TV

The usually unflappable Dana Perino briefly lost her composure during a parry-and-thrust session with Bob Beckel on “The Five” Friday, causing Fox News Network to mute about eight seconds.

The volatile topic at the time was President Barack Obama’s role in the re-election of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in 2010 and the rise of ISIS, and both co-hosts seemed a tad flustered at their lack of mastery of the details.

Stalwart Democrat Beckel exonerated the president from blame saying the “Iraqi Army…they’re gutlessly running with our equipment, leaving it behind, and so don’t tell me this all Obama’s fault…We put our money on Maliki and he’s a crook, a bum, and he sold us out.”

Perino interjected here and asked if Obama had any role at all in his reelection, to which Beckel replied, “No, you guys said it was a fair and open election.”

He repeatedly asked where and when Maliki was introduced to Iraq and Perino responded “This is like the weirdest academic exercise that we are having this week.”

“Why?” Beckel asked.

“Because does anything you’re saying actually matter?” she replied. Perino agreed that the Iraqi military is “not up to par,” and that “ISIS terrorists are overrunning the country,” when Fox producers muted the next eight seconds.

Whatever she said cracked Greg Gutfeld up and left Beckel heated, saying, “the strategy was to make these guys a strong army, supposedly 100,000 of them,…and they’re gutless and the strategy of your administration and my administration failed.”

After the show, Perino sent out a tweet, only partially explaining the censored time.

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