Mom arrested for swearing in front of her young kids; it’s illegal in SC

A woman was arrested Sunday for using an expletive in front of her small children at a South Carolina grocery store, and the witness who tattled on the foul-mouthed mommy feels bad about it.

PottyMouth1Danielle Wolfe, 27, was getting groceries at a North Augusta Kroger store with her husband and small children when a woman allegedly overheard Wolfe using the “f-word” in the presence of the kids, according to local news WAGT26.

Prior to reporting the incident, the witness who identified herself as “Michelle” said she asked Wolfe to not use that language but the whistle-blower told the news station she didn’t expect the incident to end in an arrest.

Wolfe was handcuffed and booked for disorderly conduct after admitting to having a potty-mouth.  A South Carolina law makes the use of “obscene” language in public illegal, WAGT reported.

Michelle called to apologize to the mother after the incident.  She told Wolfe that her response stemmed from a traumatic time in her own childhood and that she did not mean her any harm.

North Augusta Public Safety said since the law is on the books they’re required to enforce it, but treated Wolfe with dignity while in custody, and released her quickly, according to the report.
NBC 26, Augusta-Aiken, Here for You

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