Will Florida say yes to medical marijuana?

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As November’s Election Day draws near, the debate over legalizing medical marijuana is heating up as opposition campaigns get cranking.

“We believe the unintended consequences of Amendment 2 are serious and numerous enough to constitute a public health risk for Floridians,” Dr. Alan Pillersdorf, president of Florida Medical Association, the state’s largest physicians group, wrote in a media release.

“The lack of clear definitions in the amendment would allow (health care) providers, with absolutely no training in the ordering of controlled substances, to order medical marijuana.”

Jeff Scott, general council at FMA criticized the part of the amendment where it mentions who can prescribe the substance, warning that the word “physicians” is too broad of a term and will open the door for abuse.

“Chiropractors call themselves physicians,” Scott told Florida Watchdog.

They are not the only ones concerned about the consequences of passing the law.

The Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association posted a mini-documentary called “No on 2” on their website.

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By Marianela Toledo | Florida Watchdog


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