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Rush asks liberal media, fawning over Ferguson, where was outrage over IRS?

Rush Limbaugh on air
Photo Credit: eur.com

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Rush Limbaugh took the liberal media to task on his Thursday radio program, when he illustrated their blatant double standard concerning government overreach.

“What’s happening in Ferguson is unacceptable, but what’s missing is a sense of proportion,” he said.

“How many murders are there every week in Chicago?” he asked, adding that even locally there didn’t seem to be much outrage.

“Granted,” he continued, “most of the murders [there] are not mixed race circumstances, and Ferguson is a white cop and a black teenager, made to order in terms of the daily soap opera, the media template of racism that the media loves.”

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He noted that the Ferguson Police Department fulfilled the liberals’ anger of “excessive use of power by the state,” but asked where their outrage was over that same overreach, when the IRS went after 500 conservative groups and denied them their civil rights?

“All these incessant attacks from our government on conservatives, all of these scandals that have erupted? A yawn. A ho-hummer. But this in Ferguson…” Limbaugh said drawing the contrast.

He lamented both the media and young “emotionally-attached liberal” people’s inability to discern other examples of “the exorbitant display of state power” that go unnoticed and unreported, and how helpful it would be if this overreaching was brought to light.


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