Obama’s mystery meeting has ‘The Five’ speculating on big Supreme Court replacement buzz

A mysterious Washington, D.C., meeting Sunday that will break up President Obama’s two-week vacation is giving the panelists of Fox News’ “The Five” some wild ideas about what might be going on.

Why is the White House staying mum on all details of the gathering? Maybe it’s because Obama’s plans can’t be carried out from his vacation spot in Martha’s Vineyard, panelist Dana Perino suggested. Could a personnel announcement, perhaps one involving the Supreme Court, be in the works, she wondered. Panelists Bob Beckel and Andrea Tantaros agreed it was a strong possibility.

Rumor has it that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg could step down, even though such talk has been refuted by recent comments that she wants to serve as long as she can go “full steam,” according to Fox News.

Tantaros speculated that getting Ginsberg to step down would energize the Democratic base ahead of the midterm elections.

After all, she said, Obama has a history of changing the media’s focus at opportune times, steering their attention away from scandal.

The most interesting — and frightening – scenario came from Beckel and Perino, who suggested Obama may be preparing to nominate Secretary of State John Kerry or Attorney General Eric Holder to the Supreme Court.

“[Obama] does everything from foreign policy to domestic policy with a news cycle in mind,” Tantaros said.

Eric Bolling had a different thought, hoping the mystery meeting would address the border crisis or the “growing threat” posed by the Islamic State terrorist group in Iraq. But he admitted neither issue could likely be handled in one day.

Watch the segment here via Fox News:

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