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Media laments Obama’s ‘vacation from hell,’ others, not so much

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Politico created a buzz Thursday with the headline “Barack Obama’s ‘vacation from hell.'”

One of the benefits of having an adoring media is that even though the world around him is ablaze, the president can rely on his allies to play the sympathy card while he squeezes in another round of golf.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin seems to be the first to suggest that Obama “appears to be on the vacation from hell,” with reporters taking the baton and running with it on Wednesday when they asked White House spokesman Eric Schultz if the president’s vacation actually felt like a vacation, according to Politico.

Never mind Obama had just danced the previous night away when Toobin made his assertion.

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Schultz detailed a number of things the president has done to “stay engaged” while on vacation. According to Politico, he received multiple national security briefings and spoke on the phone with several world leaders.

The White House also released a photo on Thursday of Obama speaking with Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon about the civil unrest in Ferguson:

Of course, with all the focus on Obama’s “vacation from hell” — to include the strenuous phone calls — Twitter users were quick to respond:

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