Grocery store clerk’s touching act prompts emotional shopper to snap a photo that went viral

Faith in humanity restored in one simple gesture — a tied shoe.

Gage Boucher, 20, a part time evening clerk at a Florida Publix store noticed an elderly shopper struggling to tie his loose shoe laces and stopped what he was doing to knot them for him. The grateful man offered some cash to the young stranger for his kindness, but the young clerk told Florida’s NBC affiliate WPTV that he wouldn’t have it.

Keith Kiel was shopping for steaks at the grocery store when he happened on the kind act. Emotionally touched by what he saw, Kiel snapped a photo of the clerk tying the man’s shoes. “I actually physically got a little emotional and I fumbled for my camera and I was going ‘please let me get this shot,’” Kiel told the affiliate.

Kiel’s photo was posted to social media and garnered an overwhelming 200,00 likes on Facebook — proof the public loves to see a good deed.

Boucher offered a word of advice to viewers, “start being kind,” he told the station. “If you see someone that needs help, help them out.”

A quick kind act can instantly change the direction of someone’s day and leave a lasting impression on thousands of others. The world needs more of that.

Watch WPTV’s interview with the caring clerk here:

Amanda Shea


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