Think Progress editor tweets, deletes: ‘I hope Roger Ailes dies slow, . . .’

When it comes to “fair and balanced,” you can count Alan Pyke out.

Pyke, an economics editor for the George Soros-funded far-left website Think Progress, is upset with Fox News Channel‘s coverage of the the civil unrest in Ferguson, Mo., as related to the shooting death of Michael Brown.

So upset that he turned to Twitter Thursday afternoon to wish death upon Fox News chief Roger Ailes — not an average, everyday run of the mill death, but a “slow, painful” death.


Pyke’s Twitter profile may explain his motive — “Reflexively assholish, but I’m tryin real hard to be the shepherd.”

Three businesses didn’t get looted during
Missouri riots; can you guess why?

But it seems Pyke had second thoughts — and maybe a call from the boss — because a few hours later he deleted the tweet, posting this weak apology:

Well, at least he didn’t take the coward’s way out and claim his account was hacked.

Unfortunately for Pyke, the Internet is forever, and a few folks had already offered their take on his “well-wishes.”

Tom Tillison


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