Reporter calls out WH hypocrisy on Obama’s big-donor tax ‘inversion artists’

In the bizarre world of President Barack Obama, a double standard is only an act of hypocrisy if it involves Republicans or other such scoundrels.

If, for example, the nation’s fundraiser-in-chief goes to the 9,000 square foot, two-level luxury apartment of investment banker Blair Effron on Manhattan’s Upper East Side to scrounge big bucks, from a guy who’s profited handsomely from tax arrangements for companies who have “on paper” moved outside the United States in order to reduce their tax burden, why, that’s fine and dandy. The president denounces the sin but not the sinner.

Or at least that’s what Deputy White House Press Secretary Eric Schultz would have you believe, and what ABC’s Chief White House Correspondent Jon Karl brought to his attention.

“The good folks at Bloomberg had a story out today about a number of the president’s top donors being those who have profited from corporate inversions – the same kind the president has condemned,” he said on Wednesday. “So I’m wondering, just a very simple question: Is the president going to be asking Democrats to return money contributed, or seeking to return money contributed by some of these corporate inversion magnates?”

“No,” Schultz answered.

“Why not?” the feisty reporter asked. “I mean, these guys are profiting off the very practice the president has condemned and wants to see stopped.”

Schultz replied that the White House isn’t privy to specific company’s plans, but intent on solving the problem.

Karl wasn’t buying the lame excuse.

“But isn’t this hypocritical?” he continued. “I mean, essentially the president has profited himself – his political apparatus has profited by taking contributions from people that have made money doing exactly this.”

“I guess I would understand the skepticism more if we weren’t doing something to tackle the problem,” Schultz said. “But instead, we are going after any company that renounces its U.S. citizenship in order to pay less taxes.”

Dissatisfied, Karl asked again, “So why not renounce these donations?”

Watch the video to see how Schultz slithered out of this, and would not cotton up to the millions raked in by Obama inversion artists Jim Rogers, Roger Altman and Shantanu Arayen.

H/T: The Blaze

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