Pro-NRA Milwaukee sheriff handily defeats anti-gun, Bloomberg-backed candidate

Incumbent Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. decisively defeated police Lt. Chris Moews on Tuesday for the Democratic nomination in the upcoming November election, with significant support from the National Rifle Association and its grass root activists.

Moews’ campaign had benefitted from an infusion of $150,000 for TV advertising from former New York Mayor Michael Blumberg, leader of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns group, which cast a national spotlight on the race, the Journal-Sentinel reported .

Sounding more like a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, Clarke said that the referendum was a repudiation of the lenient approach favored by local politicians and magistrates. He called for an end to the revolving door, social engineering, soft-on-crime approach championed by the mayor, county executive, police chief and judges in his Wednesday press conference.

“People in this city decided they wanted me to lead the office of public safety and not the city fathers,” he said, declaring his first order of business would be to fight for an increased budget to hire more law enforcement officers, after draconian cuts in the last few years had reduced his crime-fighting capabilities.

Clarke called himself “the voice of crime victims” and instructed the assembled news reporters to go and ask the county executive, the mayor and the police chief what they were going to do to cooperate with him, in order to reduce Milwaukee’s rising violent crime rate.

Bloomberg’s loss to Second Amendment advocates was just the latest in a long string of defeats he has suffered, as time and again his stance against fundamental rights goes down the drain.

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