Photo of Obama dancing as riot raged scrubbed from Internet — but rescued by GOP!

The “most transparent administration in history” isn’t above a little censorship if the president looks stupid.

obamadancing0814While the nation’s media was kept out of Wednesday night’s big-money Martha’s Vineyard birthday party attended by the president and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and about 150 other well-heeled libs, some photos did emerge of the president tripping the light fantastic.

But they were quickly deleted.

According to Breitbart, one photo of Obama dancing and a second of him toasting the guest of honor, Ann Jordan (the wife of Clinton consigliore Vernon Jordan) were posted on an Instagram account by a photographer, but deleted when they started to cause a buzz.

Apparently, some Obama loyalists might have thought there’d be something damaging about “optics” of the president boogying (there’s really no other word for what’s happening in this picture) while the streets of Ferguson, Mo., were literally mobbed with rioters and riot police trying to contain them.

The photos were “quietly deleted,” according to Breitbart.

Fortunately for the republic, a Republican National Committee staffer saved the dancing photo, at least, from the memory hole.

He tweeted the photo, it was picked up by the Weekly Standard, and the “optics” were out after all.

Conservatives used to mocking the president for his policies, lawlessness and hypocrisy can add one more thing to the list.

He dances like John Kerry.

Twitter, as can be expected, lit up with the news.

First comes the Twitter from the RNC. It’s a good bet someone there is having a pretty good day.

Now the Twitterverse:

Good question.

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