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Checkers flies US flag upside down; hear what Mexican employee tells concerned veterans

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An Army veteran joined a Marine cohort in confronting a Checkers restaurant for flying the American flag upside down. The vets say it’s the second time in three months that the eatery has improperly displayed Old Glory.

The video was taken and posted on Facebook by John Zulu of Lakeland, Fl and according to Zulu:

I just had to deal with checkers disrespecting the American flag for the second time. Please share this video everywhere. The employee even says, “I’m Mexican, I don’t even believe in the American flag.”

Here’s a thought: If you’re going to surround your stores with the American flag, make sure your employees treat it with respect and know the protocols. I’m willing to bet all Checkers’ employees have to go through “diversity” training, so why not add a civics section on how to properly display the American flag?

Zulu says that Checker’s left this message on his YouTube channel:

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