Video captures ‘knockout game’ suspect brutally injuring 72-year-old; reports omit race of attacker

The “knockout game” is back.

knockoutgame0813New York City police are investigating a vicious attack that left a 72-year-old man with a blood clot on the brain and a big black eye after a young black man punched the victim without warning in Greenwich Village, according to the New York Post.

In a surveillance video that captured the attack in frightening detail, the attacker is shown waiting on a pavement while the victim approaches. Without warning, the attacker turns and punches the victim, then runs.

There’s no provocation, no robbery, nothing but a physical assault.

The victim, a retired cab driving on his way home from a local deli, told the Post he thought the random attack was an example of the “knockout game,”  a sick fad that encouraged “players” to strike random victims hoping to knock them out with one blow.

The “game” is controversial mainly because the mainstream media, particularly The New York Times, has gone to considerable lengths to deny its existence. And in a time of political correctness run amok, when the attacks are reported, the race of the attackers is often omitted, as it was in at least one local report on this case, according to Newsbusters. (“Young Black Man Punches, Drops 72 Year-Old NYC Man on Tape; Local Report Doesn’t ID Assailant’s Race.”)

But the victim in Monday’s attack doesn’t doubt the “game” is real.

“That’s what I think it is,” he said told the Post. “If it was a robbery, he’d have gone through my pockets or attempted to take something. I had an iPad and a kindle reader. There was no attempt to take anything.”

“Once he got me down on the ground, he was happy to leave.”

Check out the video here.



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