Protesters swarm police, Border Patrol as illegal alien’s arrest turns into melee

A routine traffic stop turned into a protest against Arizona’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigration as demonstrators swarmed police and Border Patrol agents trying to arrest an illegal alien driving without a license.

tucsonprotest0813The melee started Sunday after a Tucson, Ariz., police officer pulled over a man for a traffic violation shortly before 3 p.m., according to KGUN-9. After the driver identified himself as an illegal alien, police summoned Border Patrol agents to take him into custody.

And that’s when the crowd showed up, chanting and shouting at the officers.

Things calmed down when agents finally got the illegal driver away from the scene, though two demonstrators had to be hauled out from beneath one vehicle they were attempting to stop. There were no arrests, KGUN reported.

A pretty routine event, all told: another illegal alien gets arrested, one of an estimated 12 million in the country; another illegal alien demonstration; another bunch of self-righteous lawbreakers disrupting civic life in an American town.

But take a  look at the video. There are at least four Tucson police officers on the scene – with a starting salary of $45,000 a year. There at least five Border Patrol agents involved, starting salary $33,000 a year (and these guys aren’t rookies), at least two police cars and at least one Border Patrol van. The other Border Patrol vehicles aren’t marked, but there’s got to be at least two of them.

So, there are at least nine taxpayer-paid employees and five taxpayer-owned vehicles combined to get rid of one – one – illegal alien among millions. Then that same alien is using up more public resources with jail, prosecutors’ time and a court date – likely ignored – only to be released again, either on this side of the border or the Mexican side.

Keeping illegal aliens out in the first place would be cheaper, easier and smarter.

Three things Democrats hate to see in government.

Check out the video here.


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