Photo of ISIS terrorist flag at White House delivers chilling message, bomb threat

The dangerous extremist group, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has been using Twitter and Instagram to engage the world and each other in its nightmare existence.

Americans have brushed off the ridiculous social media taunting, for the most part, but this photo posted on Twitter got everyone’s attention last week – including the Secret Service, no doubt.

The picture is a cell phone image of the terrorists flag with a message in English that says “We r here,” likely a follow-up to the threat earlier this month that they would raise the flag over the White House.

Most of what they post is not in English, but when they want to send messages to the U.S., they use the hashtag #AmessagefromISIStoUS. Americans hijacked the hashtag last week, creating a “reverse jihad.”

Soopermexican reported a follow-up tweet that has since been deleted, from the same Twitter account. It said:

Soonly in the White House! But you wont see a phone, you will see a small bomb 🙂

H/T: Soopermexican IJR


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