Obama administration lifts ban on Libyans attending US flight schools: Remember Benghazi, sir?

The Obama administration has lifted longtime restrictions on U.S. flight and nuclear science training for Libyans –  despite potential dangers that the country could still be breeding anti-American terrorists, according to FreeBeacon’s Adam Kredo.

Civil-War-in-Libya Photo Credit:  geopoliticalmonitor.com

The Department of Homeland Security is asserting that the 31-year-old regulations are no longer needed because the United States and Libya now have normalized relations. But that directive does not take into account the Benghazi terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in 2012, or that violence between rival militias prompted the U.S. government to shutter its operation in Tripoli just weeks ago, the FreeBeacon reported.

The restrictions were established after the Lockerbie bombing that brought down Pan Am Flight 103, killing 270 people, including 189 Americans, according to history.com.

PanAm 103

Photo Credit:  100megspop3.com

“The Departments of State and Defense requested the Department of Homeland Security consider revising regulations dating from 1983 to permit Libyan nationals, and other foreign nationals acting on behalf of Libyan entities, to engage in studies or training in aviation maintenance, flight operations and/or nuclear-related fields,” a Department of Homeland Security spokesman, said, according to the FreeBeacon article. “This would permit the educational exchange of information with Libyan nationals so they can reconstitute, operate and sustain their fleet to address threats posed by extremist groups seeking to derail the democratic transition.”

The Obama administration has not provided Congress any backup materials or evidence to justify the change, and Republican congressmen have expressed outrage at the move.

“The House Judiciary Committee has repeatedly sought information about the Administration’s policy reversal, but political appointees at the Department of Homeland Security have stonewalled the Committee’s requests and have not articulated why it is in Americans’ best interests to change policy,” committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., wrote in a statement posted Monday on the committee’s website.

Included in the committee’s statement were comments from U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., chairman of the House subcommittees on border security and immigration.

“It is extremely concerning that DHS is moving forward with these plans but has not provided information on the policy change despite repeated requests from Members,” Gowdy wrote.

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Don Noel

Don Noel

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Don Noel


10 thoughts on “Obama administration lifts ban on Libyans attending US flight schools: Remember Benghazi, sir?

  1. AdolfWasAliberal says:

    Oblame-O assisted terrorism is the way of this administration. Seriously, How does this shock or surprise anyone?

    1. Rob says:

      not me, but what marvels me is the fact that he has followers that call themselves Americans.

      1. Valerie A Clark says:

        By birth only. Too much inbreeding?

  2. lPete Peterson says:

    obama doesn’t care and obama is just evil. Always has dummies following him. To me they are not considered Americans.

  3. DanaLanders says:

    This anti-American needs to be impeached now!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Abunchofbullshit says:

    How quickly these days our politicians forget ‘lessons learned’!! Obloviate, of course, has a dastardly plan for our country so this lends to it, just like allowing non-qualifying mortgages again. Unfortunately, we are the fools and the minions.

  5. PatriotInk says:

    Our Founding Fathers would never put up with this malignant fraud occupying the otherwise honorable office of POTUS. He would be forcibly removed from office, drawn, quartered, hung, buried, and forgotten. They knew a domesic enemy when they saw one and included protections from them in our Constitution.

  6. Zu schlau für diese Scheiße says:

    Barry Soetoro and his clown posse government are a cancer eating what is left of America… and like cancer… they need to be cut out and thrown away.

  7. Skip Schlueter says:

    The absolute BEST thing that can be done to rejuvenate America is to have Obama arrested. It will not be difficult to “prove” he has been ineligible all along to be POTUS, and everything that has been passed by him ceases to exist.

  8. Tony Stark says:

    Today’s liberalism is pretty much like its marxist, socialist, and communist ancestors.

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