Michelle Obama’s ‘junk in the trunk’ gets Fox News guy in big trouble with all-female panel

Is First Lady Michelle Obama too chunky to tout healthy eating to children?

Fox News’ controversial contributor Keith Ablow said FLOTUS should “drop a few” in a heated debate about school lunches he had with a female-dominated panel on Fox’s “Outnumbered” Tuesday.

“How well can she be eating? She needs to drop a few,” Ablow declared, causing a stir among the hosts on this weighty issue.

Shock ensued, “Oh, you did not say that! Oh my goodness. Are we on the seven seconds delay?” host Harris Faulkner asked.

Ablow didn’t hold back despite the women’s attempts to interject on him,  “Let’s be honest , I mean there’s no french fries ever, that’s all kale and carrots, I don’t buy it,” he said. An odd sentiment from the man who doesn’t support vegetables in the federal school lunch program.

Complimenting Barack Obama’s svelt physique, Albow said the president is better suited for dishing out nutrition advice, according to the video of the show posted on YouTube.

Albow’s critical comments about the first lady’s weight were quickly countered by Host Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery who complimented Michelle envious “booty.”

Watch the “Outnumbered” commentators weigh in on this heated issue:

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Amanda Shea

Amanda Shea

As a regular writer for multiple conservative news outlets, Amanda is passionate about politics and current issues affecting our country.
Amanda Shea


228 thoughts on “Michelle Obama’s ‘junk in the trunk’ gets Fox News guy in big trouble with all-female panel

  1. alnga says:

    Who elected Michelle to have her involved in any thing important as the local school lunch for students?

  2. wsurfs . says:

    Maybe they can write a song for Michelle and Oprah that has words in it like: KFC, BBQ ribs, watermelon, french fries/mashed potatoes, McDonalds, cornbread, Nazi, communist, racist, lazy, greedy, bossy, bitches, antiAmerican, white people hater, liars, frauds….. oh and don’t forget ENTITLED…!!….You get the point….!!

  3. Charles_Miller says:

    Schools around the country are dropping out of Michelle’s school lunch program because kids are REFUSING TO EAT from the federal menu — the numbers of kids eating school lunches has DROPPED by almost 20% since the program came online, while the amount of food DISCARDED by kids has INCREASED by almost 30%. Schools claim that this drop in kids eating coupled with the increase in waste is adversely affecting the schools’ budgets. Michelle’s program took grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and spaghetti with meatballs OFF of the school menu, only to replace them with raw kale and carrots.

    It doesn’t take an Einstein to anticipate the kids’ reaction to dry, tasteless kibbles.

    Meanwhile, the Obama family (including the girls) regularly dine on barbecue pork ribs and greasy collard greens — no, that’s not racist, it’s a matter of documented fact — and the president himself is still a beer-drinker and cigar-smoker, although the press has been warned to stay away from any coverage of the Obamas’ personal dietary habits.

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