Cops called to get ISIS flag removed from New Jersey Home after activists complained

A flag associated with the terrorist group Islamic State briefly flew outside a New Jersey home before hundreds of online users flooded Twitter with outrage over the banner, according the Washington Free Beacon.

Twitter users vented their concern and disgust that a jihadist flag would be displayed from an American home, Adam Kredo of Free Beacon reported.

Garwood police officers confirmed that they contacted the home’s residents, and they agreed to remove the flag, according to an email Police Chief Bruce D. Underhill wrote to the Free Beacon on Wednesday.

“Thank you for your concern regarding this important matter,” Underhill said in the email. “Only with the public’s continued cooperation can we keep our communities safe.”

After the original photo of the home’s flag garnered hundreds of retweets and comments on Twitter, a subsequent photo showed the militant flag had been removed, though an accompanying Turkish flag remained. Interestly, Twitter user @S3CUR3S discovered on Google that there once was an American flag in the spot the ISIS flag later occupied.

Amanda Shea


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