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Obama draws fire from all sides for praising Robin Williams, ignoring rioting looters

Photo Credit: Fireandreamitchell.com

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If he had a favorite comedian, he would have looked like Robin Williams.

President Obama is drawing fire from conservative critics as well as his radical base for releasing a statement Monday praising Williams but remaining silent on the death of a teenager shot to death during what police said was a scuffle but a witness said was unprovoked officer shooting.

Conservatives maintain Obama could have taken time away from the links on Martha’s Vineyard long enough to make a comment on the riots and looting that broke out Sunday night  in Ferguson, Mo., by thugs taking advantage of a vigil in memory of slain teenager Michael Brown.

Meanwhile, Obama’s leftist base was outraged that the president paid tribute to Williams but ignored what they’re calling “police brutality.”

(Technically, he’s supposed to be “EVERYONE’S” president, but we get the point.)

Doubtless because of politics. With his party already headed toward a massacre at the polls in November at the hands of a truly fed up electorate, Obama’s handlers didn’t need to give any more ammunition to his opponents by coming out on the side of criminals the whole country saw on a looting spree that had nothing to do with Brown’s death.

That’s the world in a hyper-politicized presidency.

And if he’d had a favorite comedian, he would have looked like Robin Williams.




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