Jesse Watters talks to some frisky ‘babes’ about Obama on Martha’s Vineyard

Obama isn’t the only one having fun on Martha’s Vineyard.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters interviewed some frisky ladies this weekend at the famous hot spot – including one who was bare-breasted and another who propositioned him.

As the president basked in the sun, blissfully unaware of all that’s wrong in our world today, many of his fellow beach-goers seemed to share the same sentiment when interviewed by Watters, who asked, “are you disappointed in President Obama?”  

The responses mirrored Obama himself; either clueless or full of excuses.

One irritated Vineyard vacationer was concerned the president’s entourage would “jam up all the roads and ruin everyone’s vacation.” While another wanted to share more than sunbathing space with the “good looking” president, “I want to hug him,” she told Watters.

“World peace” has been accomplished by our commander in chief, one man proclaimed.  It‘s not known if the gentleman had consumed any adult beverages prior to making that statement, however it’s fair to assume he’s no news junkie.

Watch Watters charm the ladies and have some fun with everyone else:


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Amanda Shea


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