Florida Five: Who’s that voice on that anti-Crist robocall?, Jindal to headline state GOP dinner

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips:

Redistricting session ends but challenges to map likely to continue: Florida legislators completed their hasty fix of a congressional redistricting map Monday, sending the plan on to Gov. Rick Scott for approval as they scramble to meet Friday’s deadline set by a state court.In an attempt to address the concerns by Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis – who said the map violated a constitutional ban on partisan gerrymandering – the legislature moved 368,000 voters in North and Central Florida into new districts as it changed the boundaries of seven congressional seats. Read more. 

CristFlipFlop1Who is that voice on that anti-Crist robo call? Charlie Crist: Democrats across Florida heard a mysterious recorded call over the weekend that seemed aimed at attacking likely Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist. The voice in the recording? Charlie Crist.”Hi, this is Charlie Crist calling to set the record straight. I’m pro-life. I oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants, I support traditional marriage, and I have never supported a new tax or big spending program. It’s sad that in his fourth try for governor my opponent has resorted to distortions and untruths. … Floridians need a consistent, conservative governor that they can trust. I would appreciate your vote on Election Day.”Not exactly your standard Democratic primary platform. But the voice in the robocall really is Crist’s and so were the positions he stressed. But it was Crist circa 2006 — not 2014. Read more. 

Elections complaint filed against Charlie Crist for ad shot in public school:Charlie Crist is now facing an elections complaint over an ill-advised campaign ad filmed at the public high school that is his alma mater.First came the revelation that the ad shot at St. Petersburg High violated Pinellas school district rules prohibiting the use of their property for political purposes. The school’s administrators had given Crist permission to shoot the ad, but they shouldn’t have. Soon after, the school system’s lawyer asked Crist to stop running the ad.  Read more. 

bobby-jindalGov. Bobby Jindal to headline state GOP dinner set for Disney World: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will be the featured speaker at the Republican Party of Florida’s 2012 Victory Dinner on Sept. 13 at Walt Disney World’s Grand Floridian resort.“I look forward to standing with my fellow conservative leaders in Florida to share the progress we have made in Louisiana, and highlight the transformation of Florida’s economy under the leadership of Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature,” Jindal said in a statement released today by the RPOF.  Read more. 

Florida Builders and Contractors Group releases its endorsements: Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida, the largest commercial construction association in Florida, released its list of 2014 legislative endorsements on Monday.In a written statement, ABC said, “As the leading voice for the industry, we feel it is our duty to engage in the political and legislative arenas to help drive the critical initiatives that impact our members, their jobs and their families. Therefore, and after conducting candidate screenings and interviews throughout the state, ABC of Florida is now proud to release our complete list of endorsed candidates …” Read more. 

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