Snipers, SWAT teams on Obama’s golf course; media rides Bush’s golf habits

Presidents need a lot of protection during wartime — on the ground and on the air.

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Among the ground forces required to keep the president safe on the dangerous links of Farm Neck Golf Club is a SWAT team to roam the woods, bunkers and notorious fairways that could be hazardous to a less well protected chief executive, all traveling in an enormous, heavily armed motorcade between the president’s vacation home and the first tee.

And that includes two snipers traveling in an open trunk ready to take out any evil-doer who manages to slip onto Martha’s Vineyard, one of the most exclusive pieces of island real estate in the country, according to the Daily Mail.

It’s a display of imperial force that would make a Caesar blush.

On the air, the protection is more subtle, but no less effective, in the form of a complacent media that’s either too ignorant or too dishonest to differentiate between the current imperial president and the predecessor who was despised by the reporters assigned to cover him.

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On “Good Morning American” on Monday, ABC’s Dan Harris misled his millions of viewers with a flat-out false statement about George W. Bush’s behavior after the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

During an on-air discussion with Harris, network White House correspondent Jonathan Karl – one of the more honest members of the Fourth Estate – described just how much time Obama has spent on the golf course during his tumultuous five years in office. Karl noted that the all-time record holder among presidents on the links was actually Woodrow Wilson, another progressive Democrat with scant appreciation for the U.S. Constitution.

Harris’s response was a classic.

“George W. Bush played his fair share of golf during the Iraq war as well,” he said.

No, he didn’t. And anyone with a working knowledge of the Bush presidency should know that.

Bush stopped golfing in August 2003, explaining in a 2008 interview with Politico that he didn’t want grieving parents of dead soldiers to see their son’s commander out golfing —  a sentiment the current commander in chief isn’t capable of.

It’s unlikely that Harris was actually lying in the sense that he knew what he was saying was wrong. It would be comforting if he were.

What’s much more likely – and much more disturbing – is that his response was a reflexive defense of Obama, a literally unthinking instinct the apparatchik “press” of the Soviet empire aspired to.

Wartime presidents need a lot of protection.

Check out the Harris-Karl exchange here, thanks to Newsbusters.



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