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Gun groups close wallets to politicians; who suffered biggest blowback ?

Photo Credit:  Harry Scull Jr. /Buffalo News
Protesting NY SAFE Act
Photo Credit: Harry Scull Jr. /Buffalo News

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New York State’s politicians have seen contributions dry up from the pro-gun aquifer since the passage of the tough 2013 Secure Ammunition Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act.

Research by Kenneth Lovett of the Daily News revealed that the National Rifle Association, the National Shooting Sports Federation, and gun and ammo manufacturers have donated a paltry $33,893 to New York candidates in the last eighteen months.

In the two years previous, these groups had ponied up $110,000, but then the SAFE Act passed.

Surprisingly, Republican candidates suffered the biggest blowback, for permitting the bill to make it to the floor for a vote at all.

Asked why the National Shooting Sports Federation had closed its checkbook entirely after spending $32,500 in the previous election cycle, senior vice president Lawrence Keane laconically responded, “We don’t discuss campaign contributions.”

Similarly, the NRA deleted the Senate Republican Campaign Committee from its Christmas list, but did give the Conservative Party $10,000 for its unwavering opposition to the gun-control bill from the onset.

New York’s gun manufacturers and ammunition suppliers also reduced their donations by 62 percent to the politicians. The largest single check, $7,500, went to Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo from Buffalo’s bullet maker Pierce Munitions, but the company would not say why.

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