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Man gets hammered with $9,000 bill for a Band-Aid and a tetanus shot

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Hospital BillIf Obamacare was supposed to reduce America’s cost for healthcare, the word failed to reach New Jersey’s Bayonne Medical Center. A man hurt his finger with the claw end of a hammer, visited the emergency room, and received a whopping $9,000 bill from this for-profit hospital.

“This is crazy,” griped schoolteacher Baer Hanusz-Rajkowski. His invoice included $8,200 to walk into the ER, $180 for the shot, $242 for the bandage, $8 for the ointment and hundreds more for the nurse practitioner.

Hospital CEO Dr. Mark Spektor had no problem with the outrageous fee.

“These sticker-price charges only apply to insurance companies, to a minority of patients, where their insurance companies have refused to negotiate fair-contracted prices with us,” he told New York’s NBC4 News.

However, Rajkowski’s insurance carrier, United Healthcare, offered a far different explanation.

“United Healthcare is deeply concerned about hospitals establishing an out-of-pocket strategy to hike the rate they charge for emergency room services,” spokeswoman Mary McElrath Jones said.

Several other large healthcare carriers have failed to reach agreements with Care Point-owned Bayonne, which Medicare Data shows charges the highest prices in the nation for dozens of in-hospital procedures, according to NBC News4.

Linda Schwimmer of the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute told the station the right price for the teacher’s treatment should have been $400 to $1,000.

As 2015 premium notices make their way through the mail come October in Year 2 of Obamacare, more and more Americans will find out that they have been hammered too.

Watch the NBC4 video here via YouTube.

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