Lib journalist turns on Obama: ‘He’s been the underestimater in chief’

President Obama deflected blame last week for his analysis of the terrorists moving through Iraq, and at least one liberal journalist is thoroughly unhappy.

The National Journal’s Ron Fournier told the “Fox News Sunday” panel that despite flawed decisions made going into and leaving Iraq, there was little doubt that something had to be done to help the people who are currently under attack by the Islamic group.

“The problem is, this is a very ruthless, strategic well-funded group of terrorists – a state – whose only mission is to take us out,” he said. “They are coming after us and we are going to get hit if we don’t figure out how to stop them.”

Fournier said that Obama has a track record of underestimating potential problems, including what would happen after the fall of the Libyan dictatorship, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intentions toward Ukraine, and the capacity of the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant, at one point “calling them the jayvee” squad.

“He’s been the commander in chief or the underestimater in chief,” he said. “So I don’t want him to underestimate — we can’t afford the president to underestimate this threat.”

Fournier admitted he didn’t want the president to overreact, noting, “We’ve done that before, and it kind of got us into this mess.”

“I wish I was more confident that the president really understood the threat to our homeland, though,” he said.

Watch the segment here:

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