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Judge Jeanine warns Obama: ‘This is a reverse crusade — They are coming for us!’

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Detailing a litany of wrong decisions in the Obama presidency, Judge Jeanine Pirro used her “Opening Statement” on Saturday to warn Americans that the White House’s feckless foreign policy is posing a clear present and future danger to the country.

judgejeanine0810Pirro said Obama’s incompetence is on display for all the world to see as the country’s enemies conduct a “reverse crusade.”

“I’m not going to blame the problems of the world on Barack Obama – though it wouldn’t take much to get me on a tear at this point,” she said on “Justice with Judge Jeanine.” “But the problem is, President Barack Obama is too inexperienced, too out of touch and too disengaged to protect us.”

His news conference Friday didn’t help, Pirro said, noting that “the backdrop was his helicopter, on which his bags were packet for yet another vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.”

Even with the terrorists he once dismissed as the “jayvee” squad now in control of vast swaths of Iraq and threatening genocide against religious minorities,  Obama doesn’t seem to be getting the message, Pirro said.

The danger ignored yesterday is becoming the threat of tomorrow.

“This is a reverse crusade, Muslim extremists looking to kill Christians and Jews,” she said. “Today, it’s different. They are coming for us.”

Check out Pirro’s statement here.


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