‘Disgrace!’ Anger flares as town drops ‘Kennedy’ for ‘Obama’ on community center marquee

The John F. Kennedy Center no longer exists in Willingboro, N.J.

The township’s council voted Tuesday to rename the community center the Barack Obama Center as a nod to the largely black town’s support for Obama’s presidency, according to philly.com.

The council will decide at a future meeting whether to add “President” to the name “to remind future generations that Obama was the first black president of the United States,” the article said.

jfk_obama_080207_mnPhoto Credit: globalresearch.ca

According to the U.S. Census Bureau , the township’s population of 33,008 residents are 66.7 percent  “black or African American.”

“I think that people have a sense of pride about him,” Deputy Mayor Jacqueline Jennings told philly.com Wednesday. “We had so many new people register to vote, people who had never voted before, people who were disenfranchised. All of a sudden, we had maybe 8,000 people register to vote. We had lines . . . people wrapping around the buildings when the polls opened. It was a sense of history. Everybody wanted to be a part of it.”

The center was formerly John F. Kennedy High School. The area school board gave the building to the township in 1998 to use as a recreation and cultural center, according to the Burlington County Times.

The Times’ Facebook page exploded with hundreds of comments, many of them critical of the renaming decision, including these posts:


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