Mark Levin asks why Obama is vacationing in ‘the whitest place on Earth’

While President Barack Obama made plans to spend the next two weeks primarily at Martha’s Vineyard, radio host Mark Levin addressed the commander-in-chief’s choice of vacation spots, as a bastion of “the Levin v Obama1whitest place on Earth.”

Levin wondered that Obama doesn’t vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands instead, saying on his Friday show, “I think they say about Martha’s Vineyard – for all you racialists and race-baiters out there – I think they say it’s the whitest place on Earth.”

And we know how you hate whites,” he continued. “He talks race, he uses race, he pushes race. Vacation? Martha’s Vineyard?”

He found it “amazing” that the president had finally shown some muscle by calling in a few Navy F/A-18 jets, given his failure to grasp that “there’s genocide going on” in Iraq.

“Little kids are being hung on crosses, crucifixes, they’re being crucified and decapitated, where their heads are being put on posts in parks in Mosul.”

“Husbands are being killed and their wives sold into slavery.” He continued sarcastically, “Why would we expect the president to cancel his fundraiser on Monday? You think that would give the world the wrong idea? We blew up a piece of artillery today.”

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 In the coming days, the United States military, under Obama’s orders to deliver pinpricks (Sen. John McCain’s word) to the Islamic State war machine, will only hand Levin more ammunition as the barbarism continues unabated.


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