KFC chicken thief, struck by guilt, sends apology note with cash

A woman’s anonymous confession to a local Kentucky Fried Chicken in North Platte, Nebraska has restored faith in humanity for owner Rocky Rasmussen.

The woman mailed an apology note to the restaurant with two dollars inclosed after dining on the buffet earlier in the week, according to Omaha.com.

Her conscience got the best of her, it seems, for tossing a few pieces of chicken into her purse.

“This $2 is for the piece of chicken I brought home with me on Tuesday,” she wrote. “That’s stealing. Sorry!”

KFC apology

Rasmussen told Omaha World-Herald that people take things from the buffet all the time. “It’s an ongoing problem,” he said.

A 39 year veteran of the chicken business, Rasmussen was touched that someone would be honest enough to confess to the theft.

“It just makes your faith in people come back a little more,” Rasmussen told Omaha World-Herald . “Whoever it was probably doesn’t have a lot of money. To send a couple bucks back to us is pretty remarkable. It’s very touching.”

How could anyone not smile at such a sincere-sounding apology?

“I took more on my plate than I could eat and I knew it would get thrown away there because it couldn’t get put back on the buffet, so I put it in my purse and brought it home,” the letter read. “I do love your chicken!”

“Anyway, God has forgiven me and I hope you will too. I will not be so quick to take so much next time.”

H/T: Mediaite

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