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Hannity engages haters in ugly Twitter trash talk: ‘I’m bored and having a little fun’

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Fox News host Sean Hannity spent four days this week in Israel, reporting on the conflict between the Jewish state and Hamas — coverage that included an exclusive interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On Friday, Hannity tweeted a photo of him whispering in Bibi’s ear as the two embrace, along with a caption that said he cannot reveal what he is telling the prime minister:

He should have realized the photo would prompt sarcastic commentary from the left, and that’s precisely what happened. But it appears that Hannity came back from Israel in a fighting mood, and much like the IDF, he was in no mood to pull his punches.

That is, assuming his Twitter account wasn’t hacked!

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Hannity re-tweeted some of the vile responses, along with his own commentary. When a supporter asked him why he was doing this, he replied, “I’m bored and having a little fun.”

*Caution: Strong language

Tom Tillison


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