Second Amendment book for kids sees spike in sales after big liberals mock it


Bill Maher inadvertently helped sell a gun-rights book for children – after mocking it on his show last week.

Although the book, “My Parents Open Carry,” is not new to the market, the publisher saw a recent spike in sales after a slew of negative reviews on liberally biased shows like Maher’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” according to Mediaite.

Skip Coryell, founder of the White Feather Press publishing company, said he was shocked by the book’s “overnight”success, which put it at the top of Amazon’s children’s government books category.

“Sales were weak for the first few years,” Coryell said, according to Mediaite. “But after it was trashed on the show, sales have gone up.”

Maher wasn’t alone in ridiculing “My Parents Open Carry.” Fellow leftist Stephen Colbert poked fun at the pro-Second Amendment read on “The Colbert Report” last week.

Watch the Colbert video here via Comedy Central:

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Amanda Shea


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