Legendary rocker Gene Simmons joins other Hollywood stars in calling Obama out

obama-simmonsLegendary Kiss frontman Gene Simmons joined a number of entertainers who have had enough with President Barack Obama‘s inability to lead this nation.

Sharing common ground with Hollywood stars like James Woods and Rob Lowe, the rocker said Obama’s “got to say what you mean, mean what you say,” according to Newsbusters.

“I think that our president is not being a leader,” Simmons said Thursday in an appearance on the Fox News Channel. “He is not stepping up and drawing the line in the sand and sticking to it.”

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The discussion centered on Russian leader Vladimir Putin sticking his thumb in our eye, proverbially speaking, and Simmons compared Obama to a parent whose word means nothing.

“He’s done that before,” he said. “This is the line in the sand and then you allow – when you tell your child the word ‘no’ and the child transgresses then the word ‘no’ means nothing. I believe our president has got to make some strong statements and back it up. You got to say what you mean, mean what you say.”

Reaching way back, Simmons referenced Teddy Roosevelt’s “big stick” analogy.

“If you speak softly and carry a big stick and never use the big stick, I’ll never listen to you again,” he said.

Tom Tillison


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