James Woods turns ‘unending stream of mindless bile’ back on hate-filled left

Hollywood actor James Woods is among a handful of stalwart conservatives known to criticize President Obama, frequently turning to Twitter to express his views.

Because he’s expected to fall in line with the rest of the Hollywood moonbats who worship the president, liberals have a special brand of hatred for Woods. On Thursday, the actor decided to share the “unending stream of mindless bile” directed at him by “re-tweeting” some of the posts.

Naturally, that resulted in even more venom, including an exchange on “anti-Semitism,” highlighted by Woods’ hashtag: .

But the focus didn’t have to be anti-Semitism for the haters to hate. Here are a few examples, as posted on Twitter — *Caution: Strong language:

If you follow Woods, you know he gives as good as he gets and is not about to back down in the face of a little criticism, In fact, he stepped his game up, which is certain to increase tensions on his already lively Twitter feed.

Being the great guy he is, Woods had his share of supporters, to include fellow actor Adam Baldwin:

H/T Twitchy.com

Tom Tillison


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