Marion Barry’s disgusting response to reporter about unpaid tickets will infuriate you

Former Mayor and D.C. Councilman Marion Barry begrudgingly gave an almost surreal interview to FOX 5 chief investigative reporter Emily Miller Saturday. The pompous politician chastised and berated […]

Obama appointee deleted subpoenaed emails; blames ‘sloppy recordkeeping’

The way the Obama administration loses emails, it might be wise to go back to typewriters and carbon copies. The Department of Health and Human Services said […]

FBI abruptly halts odd plan to grade reporters’ work

A plan by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to grade media reports on their coverage of the agency as either positive, neutral or negative has been quietly […]

James Woods turns ‘unending stream of mindless bile’ back on hate-filled left

Hollywood actor James Woods is among a handful of stalwart conservatives known to criticize President Obama, frequently turning to Twitter to express his views. Because he’s expected […]

Maher opn carry
Second Amendment book for kids sees spike in sales after big liberals mock it

Bill Maher inadvertently helped sell a gun-rights book for children – after mocking it on his show last week. Although the book, “My Parents Open Carry,” is […]

Ruthless ISIS steps up threats: ‘We will raise the flag of Allah in the White House’

An Islamic terrorist group’s aggressive expansion in weapons, recruits, cash and territory has prompted a reluctant President Obama to call in the Air Force, but only on […]

wh baby1
Toddler causes lockdown, security breach at the White House

President Obama’s address Thursday on the Iraq conflict was delayed by a pint-sized security breach — a toddler who squeezed through the White House fence and went […]

Legendary rocker Gene Simmons joins other Hollywood stars in calling Obama out

Legendary Kiss frontman Gene Simmons joined a number of entertainers who have had enough with President Barack Obama‘s inability to lead this nation. Sharing common ground with Hollywood […]

joan rivers
‘You’re dead, you deserve to be dead – you started it’: Joan Rivers attacks ‘idiot’ Palestinians

Octogenarian comedian Joan Rivers threw political correctness out the window Wednesday when she bluntly declared Palestinians in Gaza “deserve to be dead.” A photographer caught up with […]

Rob Lowe jabs Obama: ‘Waiting to hear POTUS explain the disaster the world has become’

Veteran actor Rob Lowe has been dangling his toes in conservative waters for years. Wednesday he may have dropped in a whole foot. Waiting for an unfashionably […]

dumb gator1
Watch dumb Charlie Crist look-alike get what he deserves from angry gator

News Channel 12 posted this raw video on Facebook. I try not to judge people. We all do stupid things, but  . . . really? Post by […]

burger king
Man deals with spoiled brat at Burger King in most hilarious way

A man who stopped by a Burger King for lunch claims he bought every pie they had – 23 in all – to spite a child throwing […]