Russians ridicule Obama with racist light show, banner in Moscow

Unlike most of Europe, the Russian people never transitioned through the Renaissance, never had their feathers unruffled, and never had their barbarism tempered. They learned that might makes right, and only strength is to be respected, until the lesson seeped into their DNA.

Thus, when the leader of their Great Adversary is perceived as a weakling, scorn and mockery become the catcalls of the day. For Barack Obama’s 53rd birthday on Monday, a group of students calling themselves “The Moscow Student Initiative” flashed an inflammatory racist light show on the side of the United States Embassy, to demonstrate their bravado.

It showed President Obama wearing a party cap and eating a banana, wishing him a happy birthday.

They posted their message on the popular VK social media site writing, “Laser show at the US Embassy in Moscow as a gift to Barack Obama.” And there was more.

Across the street from the U.S. Consulate in Moscow, another racist act took place. A giant banner was unfurled from the top of a building picturing Obama as the “Three Wise Monkeys,” see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

So far, Russia’s muscular president, Vladimir Putin, has not denounced the vilifications. Don’t hold your breath.

Click here to watch the video via YouTube.

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