Obama to interrupt Martha’s Vineyard vacation to attend mysterious ‘meetings’ at WH

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Like comedy, timing is everything in politics, and the timing of a White House announcement that President Barack Obama will mysteriously “interrupt” his summer vacation was not lost on critics.

One day after New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd eviscerated a “bored” Obama for “slacking off and playing golf,” an aide said the president will return to Washington for two days “to attend meetings at the White House,” before resuming his vacation, according to The Hill.

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The Obamas will begin a two week-plus vacation in Martha’s Vineyard Saturday — according to Forbes, the first family has “summered” at the tony island every year Obama has been in office, except for 2012 when he was up for reelection.

As for the pressing meetings, the White House didn’t offer any details about them — Congress is already on a five-week recess. Nevertheless, Obama will return to the White House on Sunday, Aug. 17, before resuming his vacation on Aug. 19.

Aside from these meetings, is there a better time to put his pen to work, signing an expected over-reaching executive order on immigration reform?

Critics have long pointed to the influence “The Gray Lady” — the Times, not Dowd — has had on the Obama administration, and will say this decision is a ploy to show Americans that Obama is hard at work, even when on vacation.

Then again, if aides want to give the impression the president’s a hard working man, they could have simply pointed out that this will be a working vacation, of sorts — the Boston Globe reported Obama’s scheduled to attend a fundraiser two days after his vacation begins.

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