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‘No illegals here’: City that’s half Latino fights shelter for juveniles

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Residents in one California city don’t want a detention center for illegal immigrants built in their backyard – and half of them are Latino.


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The city of Escondido’s planning commission twice rejected the federal government’s request to convert a vacant building into a facility for young immigrants, according to Breitbart.com. The shelter would have been run by Southwest Key, a company that operates shelters for unaccompanied immigrant children in several states.

The commission voted unanimously at the first meeting to deny the permit, citing problems with security, residential character, noise and traffic.  About 500 residents attended, and 150 made public comments.

“These people now are sick and tired of their government,” resident Katherine Rodriguez said in a video recorded at the meeting and published on YouTube. “They [illegal immigrants] don’t have to work for a living, and they figure, Well, America’s got a big heart.”

The demographic breakdown of those in attendance was not clear, but according to the city’s website, Escondido’s population is 145,901, and 50.5  percent Latino.

Hoping for a different result, the Escondido Democratic Club sent an alert asking members to attend a subsequent meeting and support the detention center.

“There is really no rational reason why the city would deny Southwest Key its permit,” the alert said, according to National Review Online. “At the last planning commission meeting, blatant racism drove the conversation. This calls for change.”

The commission affirmed its original decision anyway, despite objections from protesters who shouted, “Shame on all of you,” and carried signs saying, “Deport Racists Not Children,” according to a local CBS News station.

“We are appealing its ill-informed decision because when you do consider the specifics, the impact of the proposed facility would be virtually indistinguishable from that of the nursing home which operated on the same site for more than thirty years,” the organization’s legal director said in a press release posted on their website.

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