Is this a joke? Obama says he’s ‘bound by the Constitution’ but …

Pretending to channel his inner Abraham Lincoln, President Obama on Wednesday dodged a direct question on whether he thinks he has a “green light to push the limits of executive power.”

Photo Credit: Freedom Outpost

“I’m bound by the Constitution,” Obama answered, with a straight face.

While saying he never has a “green light” to exceed his authority, he went on to explain how he was going to do exactly that.

“What I am consistently going to do, is wherever I have the legal authority to make progress on behalf of middle class Americans and folks working to get in the middle class … I’m going to seize those opportunities and that’s what I think the American people expect me to do,” Obama said.

The key there is “legal authority,” which Obama and his White House seem to think is “whenever the American public elects a Republican House of Representative that won’t do as I wish.”

On a range of issues, whether its unilateral changes, suspensions or delays in implementing Obamacare, “deferring” deportation actions for chosen illegal aliens to curry favor with Hispanics in an election year, or making “recess appointments” to dodge Senate confirmation when the Senate is not in “recess” at all, Obama has proven over and over again he holds the Congress in more contempt than the House holds his attorney general.

“Legal authority” is whatever the former constitutional law professor says it is — and the upcoming law-making-by-fiat on immigration is going to prove it.

“My preference … is to work with Congress because not only can Congress do more but it’s going to be longer lasting,” Obama said.


That’s not a word for anyone who thinks he’s “bound” by anything.

Check out the question and answer here.


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